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Save More Money: Stop Paying For These Things That Are Free

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Have you ever bought a product or service only to find it on sale a short time later? I know I have and it drives my crazy!  Well, imagine how you’d feel if you bought that item only to realize that you could have had it for free! How would you feel then? Well, you’re about to find out!  Reading this article may greatly upset you when you realize you have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on something you could have been receiving for free. However, I don’t want you to read this article with that frame of mind. After all, what will that achieve? NOTHING POSITIVE. Instead, read this article with a glass half full frame of mind. Read it with the frame of mind that it will save you a lot of money in the coming months and years. Now, not all items on this list will come as a surprise to you. For example, I’m sure you know you can get the 1st item on this list for free. But I’m equally sure that you’ve paid for the 1st item on this list at some point when you could have had it for free. When reading this article, if you have paid for an item on the list, STOP and ask yourself why you paid for that item. You’ll find out at the end why I want you to do this. So, let’s show you how you can save more money by not buying the following things that are FREE. Save More Money, Things That Are Free #1: Bottled Water Americans drink an average of 58 gallons of bottled water a year. At an average retail price of $2 for a 16.9 oz / 500 ml bottle of water, the average person spends $1044 a year on bottled water. Some places like fancy restaurants, clubs, and entertainment venues sell water for as much as $4 a bottle. Conversely, wholesale cases of bottled water from stores like Costco retail for as little as 30 cents a bottle. The average price of tap water in the U.S. is $1.50 for 1,000 gallons. This means 58 gallons of tap water costs less than 10 cents. When you compare the cost of 58 gallons of tap water to 58 gallons of bottled water, Bottled water has a 180,000% markup! So why should you pay over $1000 a year on bottled water when you can get it for free by bottling it from your own tap?  You shouldn’t! Unless the tap water in your area is not safe to drink. But Wait! While some bottled water may be slightly better than the municipal variety, in other cases it’s the same or worse and may even contain harmful contaminants according to a study by a non-profit Environmental Working Group. Furthermore, The Federal Environmental Protection Agency says some bottled water is nothing more than tap water, some of it filtered, some of it not. Similarly, Consumer Reports did their own investigation and found that 47% of bottled water sold in the United States is purified tap water from local municipal water supplies.  Purified …

Save more money

Eliminate Debt Easily: How To Pay Off Credit Card Debt Fast

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Last year, credit card debt in America surged by approximately $71 billion to $917.7 billion, according to a new study from CardHub. That’s insane! Let me put that in perspective for you. It means that Americans have more credit card debt than the value of the entire annual economies of 176 of the world’s 191 countries. So how does this happen? Shockingly poor consumer spending habits. According to NerdWallet, 37 percent of American households have credit card debt and the average amount they owe is $15,700. Are you in this situation and want to learn how to pay off credit card debt fast? If so, keep reading and I will show you, in this article, how to eliminate debt easily!   The Sad Truth & How To Pay Off Credit Card Debt Fast The sad truth is that if these households only make the standard 2% minimum monthly payments on their outstanding balances, it will take them over 43 years to pay off their debt. And that’s assuming they make no new purchases. It will take them much longer if they continue to make new purchases. If that isn’t crazy enough, the $15,700 in debt these households have racked up on their credit cards will end up costing them $39,677 by the time they pay it all off (assuming they make 2% minimum monthly payments and are charged an average credit card interest rate of 14.62%). That’s right! These families will end up paying almost $25,000 in interest in addition to the original $15,700 they borrowed. That’s 252% of the original amount they borrowed. And remember, that’s assuming no new purchases and a conservative interest rate of 14.62%. Many credit cards have an interest rate over 18% and almost every family who has racked up this much high-interest credit card debt would likely continue to max out their credit cards. It’s absolutely absurd! It means that all those $100 restaurant meals and shopping excursions actually end up costing $252 by the time they’re paid off. How can someone end up paying 252% of their original purchases? Well, between compounding interest and taking several years to pay off your debt, a 14.62% interest rate can quickly multiply into a larger interest rate because you’re paying 14.62% interest on your outstanding balance every year. This is the reason why credit card companies are making billions of dollars a year at the mercy of consumers who don’t pay off their credit cards in full each month. It’s also the reason why credit card debt is the worst kind of debt you can have besides payday loan debt. What does this mean if you find yourself in this position? It means you will likely never get out of credit card debt unless you go bankrupt or get serious about becoming debt free. But Wait! What if I told you that I can show you a system that will teach you how to pay off your credit card debt fast? Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not, and that’s exactly what …

Pay off credit card debt fast

Hidden Wealth: You Could Be Secretly Rich & Not Even Know It!

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More than 50% of rich people don’t even know they’re rich! Crazy Hey! So do you have hidden wealth? Are you secretly rich and don’t know it? Read on to find out. I need you to consider a question. What does being rich or wealthy mean to you?  Most people who I ask this question to give a response that associates being rich to having monetary possessions such as fast cars, big houses, and taking lavish vacations. Their definition of being wealthy generally fall into one of the following three categories: 1) You’re wealthy if you earn a certain amount of money each year. For example, someone who earns in excess of $1 million in annual income is likely to be considered wealthy by many people. We’ll call this wealth by income. 2) You’re wealthy if you have accumulated a certain amount of net worth (the value of a person’s assets less the value of their debts). This definition is interesting in that someone who earns a high income but who spends most of their earnings on depreciable goods such as designer clothes, fancy cars and lavish vacations might not be considered wealthy by this definition. By contrast, a person who earns a modest income but who also lives a modest lifestyle saving and investing most of their earnings can have a sizable net worth and could be considered wealthy. We’ll call this wealth by net income. 3) You’re wealthy if you live a lavish lifestyle such as owning designer clothes, fancy cars, an expensive house, and take lavish vacations, even if you have a low net worth. This definition focuses on the living of a wealthy lifestyle and considers you to be rich regardless if you have anything to show for it at the end of the day. We’ll call this wealth by lifestyle. Here’s the thing, given the above definitions, one could be considered rich by one definition but not rich by another definition because being rich means different things to different people. That is why you first need to determine what being rich means to you before you can determine how to best work towards becoming rich. The awesome part is that some people are going to discover that they are already rich and didn’t even know it. Don’t worry I’m going to show you how to determine this. How Much Money Do You Need To Be Rich? Okay, so now that you’ve figured out what being rich means to you we can look at how much money you need to become rich. Interestingly enough, the amount of money you need to become rich is directly related to what being rich means to you. In a report by UBS, when asked “Do you consider yourself wealthy?” an overwhelming 72% of millionaires with a net worth of between $1-$5 million said “no.” As shocking as this may be to most people, these millionaires don’t consider themselves to be rich because they still have financial constraints. They cannot afford to do everything they desire. Their definition of being wealthy is the freedom to live their life however they want, without financial constraint. The question you’re probably asking yourself is: So how much money do these millionaires need in order for them to feel rich?  To be among the richest 1% in the USA takes an annual income of $389,000 or a net worth of approximately …

Secretly rich hidden wealth