UPDATED MAY 24, 2018

Fit Kid Rich Kid Media (hereinafter “Company”) wishes to inform you of the privacy practices and policies implemented on this site and the sites of TVA’s authorized affiliates (hereinafter the “Site”). More specifically, this privacy policy (hereinafter the “Policy”) describes the way we in which we collect, use, disclose and process information concerning you. Company is aware of concerns regarding the circulation of personal information and navigational data on the internet and aims to cooperate with you to ensure that your privacy is respected and protected. For this reason, we wish to inform you of the type of information we collect when you visit our Site and when, how and why we collect this information. We wish to specify that Company restricts both the quantity and nature of the information collected. We therefore ask you to read the following Policy closely and to come back periodically to learn of any changes we may have made.


1. What is «Personal Information» and how is it collected?
Personal Information refers to information about an identifiable individual. That is, information that could be used to specifically identify you as the user, such as your first or last name, your physical or email address and your telephone number. No Personal Information will be collected on the Site without your consent. Under special circumstances, and always honestly and lawfully, Company will prompt you to enter Personal Information. For example, we might collect this information during your registration for one of our personalized services, emails and online contests, or when you indicate you are interested in receiving information about other services, contests or news regarding Company or its partners. When Company requests such information, you will be expressly notified in advance that you are providing Personal Information that will be subject to our practices regarding the collection, recording, development, modification, retention and destruction of such Personal Information. You will always have the option to decline our request for Personal Information or terminate a subscription to a personalized service you have previously accepted. We might also automatically collect general anonymous information regarding your use of the Site, such as the date and time of your visit, the particular pages of the Site you visited, the type of browser you used, the IP address of your device, and the name of your internet service provider. Please see our Navigational Data policy below to learn more about such information.

2. Why do we collect Personal Information?
The collection of this information allows Company to provide an experience that is more relevant to your needs, to improve the Site’s content and interface, to reach you in the event you win a prize, to ensure that we are complying with our own Site rules for control purposes, and, only if you have so indicated, to communicate with you from time to time.

3. Who may access the Personal Information?
It is important to note that personal Information will not be made available to third persons outside Company, including to Company’s advertisers, customers or partners, without your prior written authorization. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Company may share certain Personal Information: (a) with its affiliates and related companies; or (b) with a third party retained by Company to sort and handle data on Company’s behalf, subject to a contractual obligation to ensure the safety and confidentiality thereof. While Company requires all third parties to whom Personal Information is disclosed to abide by all applicable privacy laws, some such parties may be based outside of Canada where the applicable laws authorize disclosure of Personal Information to judicial, quasi-judicial and governmental bodies under limited circumstances. Your information, including Personal Information, may be transferred to — and maintained on — computers located outside of your state, province, country or other governmental jurisdiction where the data protection laws may differ than those from your jurisdiction. If you are located outside Canada and choose to provide information to us, please note that we transfer the information, including Personal Information, to Canada and process it there. Your consent to this Privacy Policy followed by your submission of such information represents your agreement to that transfer.

4. Where and how long do we store Personal Information?
The Personal Information collected by Company is stored in areas inaccessible to the public and protected by security measures appropriate for the information’s level of sensitivity. In order to protect the confidentiality of your Personal Information, Company implements administrative, technical and physical protective measures for all the Personal Information under our custody and control. Our security measures aim to protect your Personal Information against loss, theft and unauthorized access, copy, use or modification. We retain Personal Information only as long as necessary or relevant for the purposes mentioned in the Policy, and always in accordance with the law.

5. Are there limits to Company’s protection of Personal Information?
Despite our good faith protection measures mentioned above, no one can perfectly secure or guarantee the safe transmission of data on this Site, or on the internet in general. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that your Personal Information will be perfectly secure from all loss, misuse or modification during its transmission. We must therefore deny liability for any use or misuse of your Personal Information by a third party, for example, if such Personal Information is intercepted during its online transmission or if we are hacked. The only circumstances under which Company might voluntarily disclose Personal Information apart from those expressly provided by law are the following: (a) at the request of a legal authority or in good faith if such action is reasonably required to comply with any law or regulation in effect; (b) to intervene in a trial, prevent fraud or protect or defend TVA’s rights, property or users; or (c) in extreme circumstances, to protect the personal safety of TVA users or the public.

6. Can you access or ask us to rectify your Personal Information?
Yes, you can access or ask us to rectify your Personal Information by submitting a detailed request to: [email protected] However, we can only satisfy your request if we already have a personal folder in your name in our files (for example, if you already communicated Personal Information to us when creating an account). Be vigilant! Our Site may contain links to websites managed by third parties. These links are offered to you only for your convenience. Clicking on these links leads you to another website. Be informed that Company exercises no control over third-party websites and the fact that these sites are available on the Site in no way generates liability on Company’s behalf. Thus, any Personal Information you provide to websites other than this Site are necessarily subject to the Personal Information policies of these other websites. In no event may Company be held liable for abuses that could result therefrom or from the manner in which organizations administering these third party websites collect, use, disclose or process your Personal Information. We highly recommend that you read the Personal Information protection policies of these other websites carefully. We also wish to draw your attention to the fact that voluntarily uploading and publicly disseminating Personal Information during chat sessions, by email, electronic bulletin board, blog, or any other interactive page of the Site is not covered by this Policy. Vigilance is of the essence when you communicate your Personal Information by these means and we request that you review our Terms of Use on this subject. In these cases, be informed that you would be transmitting your Personal Information at your own risk and that this Personal Information might be collected and used by third parties without your prior consent. For example, if you enter Personal Information online and this Personal Information is accessible to the public, you might receive unsolicited messages from third parties. Company denies all liability in this regard. We therefore advise you to remain prudent and attentive at all times when you are surfing the internet or creating content on the internet, particularly when making online comments.


1. What does «Navigational Data» mean, and how is it collected?
Navigational Data is general information about your electronic device or your navigational activity. It may include information about your IP address, your browsing history (such as the time and date you visited this site), the content of the different pages of this site you visited, the number of clicks during your visit, the type of device you used, your general geographic location (province or country), the advertisements or videos that you watched during your visit, and the address of the site you visited immediately before this site or that you visit immediately after this site. Navigational Data is not Personal Information in that we do not use it, either alone or coupled with other information, with the intent of revealing your identity. The Navigational Data is used solely for the purposes expressed in this Policy. Navigational Data is collected by means of so-called «cookies», which are small data files uploaded onto your electronic device (such as your computer, tablet or mobile) once you visit this site. The cookies are automatically sent by the server of this site onto the browser of your device (Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla, etc.) and are archived, by default, onto your device’s hard drive.

2. Who collects Navigational Data?
Navigational Data may be collected, in whole or in part, by: (a) us (Company), our affiliates and/or related companies (collectively, «us»); and (b) certain companies with which we collaborate for commercial or non-commercial purposes (such as our advertising and content partners, our service, solution and technological platform providers, or certain companies who wish to acquire our assets) (collectively, our «Partners»). When the Navigational Data is collected directly by a Partner, we will first enter into an agreement with that Partner to ensure that the Navigational Data is collected, used and stored with caution and only as expressly disclosed in this policy. The Partner must agree to abide by all applicable laws in Nova Scotia and guarantees the safety and confidentiality of any Navigational Data collected. Our Partners are not allowed to collect Personal Information, use spyware to collect data without your knowledge, or use cookies that you cannot disable.

3. Is Navigational Data shared with third parties?
Unless you expressly authorize us to do so, we will not share your Navigational Data with any third parties other than our Partners. Even when we share the Navigational Data with our Partners, they are also bound by the rights, uses and limitations disclosed in this policy. We aim to ensure that the Navigational Data is solely used per our instructions and in accordance with this policy, and all applicable laws, security measures and confidentiality requirements.

4. How do we use Navigational Data?
We use Navigational Data in the following ways:
(a) we generate statistical data about our level of readership, the performance and use of our sites and content, and the type of persons interested in our sites;

(b) we improve your browsing experience. For example, the settings of your browser (such as your preferred language, time zone and plug-ins) may be offered to you by default upon your next visit, so that you are not required to enter your settings and preferences upon each visit; and

(c) we provide you with advertisements that are in line with your interests. In other words, advertisements may be tailored to you, given the content of the pages of this site that you have visited.

5. Where and for how long do we store Navigational Data?
The Navigational Data may be stored on our servers, our providers’ servers, or our Partners’ servers, as applicable. The Navigational Data is only stored for as the long as necessary to fulfill the purposes described above, after which time it will be permanently deleted.

6. How can you avoid having your Navigational Data collected?
By browsing this site, you consent to having your Navigational Data collected in the manner and for the purposes detailed above. Nevertheless, you may at any time erase the cookies already on your browser or disable new cookies. Certain browsers allow you to pick and choose which cookies you allow on your browser and which cookies you disable. For more information on this subject, please turn to your browsing parameters. Disabling the cookies on this site will not block you access to our page. However, you will be treated as a new user upon each visit and the advertisements you receive will be random and non-personalized. Certain advanced functionalities of this site may be inadvertently affected by disabling cookies because some cookies enable advanced interaction between different pages of our site. If you are experiencing difficulties as a result of disabling the cookies on our site, we invite you to contact us at any time.

7. What happens when you click on an advertisement or an external link embedded on our site?
When you click on an advertisement or an external link embedded on our site, you will be redirected to the site of the advertiser and third party sponsoring the link, respectively. The new site will have its own policy regarding Navigational Data that may differ from ours and the new site will also likely have its own cookies. The policy of this site will no longer apply and your online activity will be subject to the new site’s policies.

8. Can you access or ask us to rectify your Navigational Data?
Yes, you can access or ask us to rectify your Navigational Data by submitting a detailed request to: [email protected] However, we can only satisfy your request if we already have a personal folder in your name in our files (for example, if you already communicated Personal Information to us when creating an account) and if we are further able to confirm that the Navigational Data contained in that personal folder is in fact yours.


If you live in the EU, certain of your data may be subject to protection by the General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”), a privacy regulation intended to help you have greater control over your personal data.

Under the GDPR, you have the right:

-to know what information is being collected, as disclosed in this Privacy Policy (“right to transparent information”);
to object on grounds relating to your particular situation to the collection or processing of certain kinds of information (“right to object”);
-to withdraw consent even after it has been given, without affecting the lawfulness of the processing of your data prior to your withdrawal (“right to withdraw consent”);
-to access, modify or update your information so that it is correct (“right to access” and “right to rectification”);
-to have your information deleted or erased (“right to erasure” or “right to be forgotten”);
-to have your data transferred or ported elsewhere (“right to data portability”); and
-the right to restrict processing in certain situations (“right to restriction of processing”).

For purposes of the GDPR, to the fullest extent possible we do not directly collect or maintain personal data of our EU visitors or clients. This is done through partnerships with third-party vendors who have systems designed for the collection and storage of data on behalf of their clients (“data processors”). The data is only kept as long as is reasonably required to accomplish the purpose or purposes for which it was collected. Certain data may be expunged or utilized more quickly than others, and depending on your engagement and behaviors, including purchasing behaviors, we may be engaged in a business or contractual relationship with some longevity. (For example, if you purchase a course or program, or services that span over some time, you will continue to receive communications in regards to those offerings or services).

The categories of data processors with whom we work, and that help us in the collection of information that allows us to serve and interact with you include website analytics provider(s), website and webform plug-ins and related third-party services that allow us to maintain an up-to-date online platform and communicate with you electronically, an email service provider or providers to assist in managing email correspondence with our visitors, customers and list, as well as payment processor(s) and/or merchant account(s) to help us transact sales online and follow up with you regarding any purchases.

You may contact us at any time to have your information with any of these processors updated or corrected, deleted, or to obtain a copy for your records. Additionally, you may opt out of receiving any additional emails or marketing messages from us by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of our email notifications.

Further, if you feel that we have not complied with the relevant data protection regulations, please contact us by sending us an email at [email protected] with your first and last name, your country of origin, and a summary of your concern or complaint. We will endeavor to respond at our earliest possible convenience to address your concern. If contacting us does not resolve your complaint, you may have additional options.

Residents in Designated Countries may also have the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant EU data protection authority.